A Gogoro Eyo I

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    Acrylic on Canvas
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    Limited Edition
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Ronke AinaScott

Ronke is a very prolific artist who's work tends to be simple, yet with a mass 'African' appeal. Her subjects are diversified, but mostly she is inspired by the African woman in society. As an artist, Ronke is very versatile. She is able to exhibit dexterity in the use of Oil paints, Pastel, Acrylic, Gouache and even Pen & Ink as a medium and her technique leans towards abstract.

Born in the seventies and encouraged by her mother, Ronke took an interest in art and began drawing with colored pencils and crayon as a young girl at home. Her talent blossomed in primary school and while in secondary school she won many awards in art. Art for Ronke became her principal subject and focus at secondary school through the rest of her education. She furthered her studies at the Fine Art Department of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria and graduated in 1995, with a Second Class Honor, Upper division and went on to display her paintings and drawings in the many exhibitions.

She had her first and second Solo Exhibitions in 2013 and 2018 and since made many strides in the Art Industry. She had her works juried for the Lakeville Art Festival, Minnesota, USA (2014) and also had her works on exhibited in 2021 atRegalAfrica Afro Fest, Culver city, California, USA. in 2022, Ronke’s works were on display at the Zora Art Festival,Florida, USA. Ronke had her works selected and exhibited at the Photography, Art and Design Exhibition (PADE)organized by ECOBANK Nigeria.

"As a little girl, my colored pencils were the most prized of my earthly possessions. whenever they got missing which was very often, I was usually reduced to tears. I was fortunate to have a Mother who was creative and so versatile, in my tender years, she taught me the rudiments of drawing. Her still-life drawings were a wonderful expression on paper. From her I learnt how to draw a box, a ball, tables and chairs etc.,she set my foot on the pathway of fueling my passion. And over the years, that magical process of painting has had its way with me, leading me from hobby to professional practice. Painting fills me with a sense of accomplishment and am most at peace with my self when I am at work on my canvas. Art for me has proven a most amenable vehicle for translating my inner thoughts to outer reality. Over the years I have tried my hands on various art mediums; oil paint, gouache, pastel, pen & ink, water color and mixed media. Recently I tried my hands on working with Acrylic and I find it an absolute delightful medium to work with. I enjoy painting in pointillism. The painstaking repetitive nature of pointillism work frees my imagination and provides many opportunities for accident and grace to influence the finished product. From pointillism I learnt the skill of perseverance –keeping at it ,even when your early efforts on the canvass has very little to show for it, you just have to be persistent ."

During the Covid lockdown in 2022, access to art materials were limited because of the restriction on movement, I had a neighbor who i was a dressmaker. I had always believed that the cutoff/waste pieces from cloth making should be put to good use. I felt that they could be up cycled and put to use to create something beautiful. I began to experiment with working with “Ankara”, African Fabrics to create Afrocentric Art pieces and the result was breathtaking and exciting. Art for me is evolving . It is an ever changing and intriguing course of action I look forward to the excitement and challenges I am bound to face in my “art walk” .

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