All Head Together

$ 1,900 
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    Acrylic on Canvas
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    Limited Edition
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Angu Walters

Walters paints in various styles, primarily geometrical, abstract figurative, and surreal.  Many of his images are related to music, family life, and the activities or character of traditional African villages.  Many male painters emphasize the importance of the African woman in society "Mothers in Africa."

Angu's first art education came while still a boy from American-born Cameroonian artist Nzante Spee.  His many gallery exhibits have given him significant exposure globally.  Also, he has had success through online sales.  In the African-American and African art revolution, Angu is definitely contributing to the global art scene.

Finally, Angu, like other artists and his learning, passes on what he knows to younger than him, particularly children.  We hope his painting work gives him relief and release from the pressures of his local reality and that he remains safe and strong with his family.

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