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Richard Mupumha, Sr.

During my childhood I used to mold animals from clay and carve wood. When I was 12years old, I was the best wood carver at school. My mother used to tell me that "I was possessed by my forefathers’ spirits", who were at one time hunters and highly talented artists. I did my ordinary level standard of education and in 1979 I started working at a clothing factory in Harare. At that time it was called Salisbury. While I was working at the clothing factory I started stone carving as part time activity after work, I left the clothing factory in 1993 to find greener pastures as a taxi driver in Chitungwiza . This lasted for three months and when I had acquired enough capital, I started stone carving full time.

My best creations are abstract carvings and all that I do comes from my spirits. My works are in great demand in some overseas countries like Germany, Holland, Belgium, America and Australia etc. Numerous prestigious gallery promote my work including Gallerie Dielemann-Belgium, the Sembach gallery-South Africa, Galerie Zvakanaka-Netherlands plus many in the united States. In 1996 I did a workshop and exhibition in Berlin Germany which was very successful.

In 1998, I went to another workshop at Rheine, Germany and this was again a marvelous workshop. Back home I did exhibition at the National Art Gallery, the spring stone gallery and I also participated in the C.I.T.E.S. *Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species* African Flora and Fauna exhibition held at the Harare Sheraton Hotel. All the exhibitions were very successful.

In 2002, I traveled to Germany for a series of workshops in Berlin, Suttgat, Rheine and to the Netherlands. I went back again in 2004 for some workshops in Berlin Germany.

In 2006. I visited Germany for some workshops in Berlin. On the same trip in May I also visited World Trade Centre in Dubai for exhibitions for a month and went back to Germany. 2010 to 2011 I went to Germany for some workshops this lasted for three months September 2011 and also in 2013 I did some workshops with Fair Trade Denmark Designers, House by the Sea in Chitungwiza Arts Centre Zimbabwe, I had some certificates in Functional Arts and stone workshops 2011 to 2013. The same year 2013 I had a certificate of Merit for outstanding Mix media Art Work at National Arts Merit Awards on the 16th February 2013. With these sculptures I don’t work only for money but for the heritage of my country. I feel very proud developing and continuing with the art tradition my forefathers passed on to me. From 8-10 July 2014 I had four women from Germany we had a workshop with me at my house in Zengeza 4 Chitungwiza Zimbabwe.

2015 : I had a certificate in the arts exhibition in Chitungwiza Arts Centre.
2016 : I was the winner of Art for Charity at Rotary Club Harare Zimbabwe, I had a certificate . I also had some workshops with student from versus countries at Chivero in Zimbabwe. Also in 2016 I have some workshops in Germany teaching in primary and high schools.
2017 : I also participated on exhibition in the art Centre and win a price on my sculpture called Ecosystem .
2018 : I participated at National Gallery of Zimbabwe workshop of PPC Cement , were we work with cement. Also 2018 I went to Germany for two months July and August teaching art in primary schools and high schools also some private workshops for some elders and an exhibition at Natura gardens in Germany.

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